Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Sue" with floral flap

"Eve" (small, wallet size with shoulder strap)


Being in the wedding industry not only do I have the opportunity to meet the many photographers we are so lucky to have access to in the Ottawa area but as a wedding coordinator I also have the privilege of working with them and let me tell you, the truly great ones amaze me!

Planning a wedding as you may or may not know is a long process and a lot of hard work but the end result is always worth it and I love the role I play in making it all happen! I get to be the support my couples need throughout the planning process and the one who makes sure all their hard work pays off on their wedding day. And when their wedding day arrives I tell all my couples the same thing – It may have taken many long months to plan this day but now that it's here it’s going to fly by so take the time to savour each and every moment of it… and thank God you have a great photographer! Okay, maybe I don't say the photographer part out loud but I definitely think it.

I remember looking back at my own wedding pictures and thinking just that – thank God we had a great photographer! The details I worked so hard on to make sure our wedding day was a reflection of "us", the chair I had reserved at our ceremony honouring the memory of my dad, the professional pictures I'm so happy to now have with my mom, and the beautiful posed shots of our wedding party, family and friends. All these pictures make me smile. A good photographer will provide you with these wonderful images of your wedding but it's a photographer who is truly able to capture the emotion of your day that makes him great! The loving way my husband looked at me, the laughs (and tears) we shared, the special moments between us. If our photographer had not caught these on film I never would have known they happened.

These pictures were not posed for nor planned, they were just moments throughout our day that our photographer captured because he knew they would later mean something to us. Pictures that, regardless of the time that has passed since our wedding, are still able to bring back all the emotion I felt on that day and make it seem as though no time has passed at all.

Taken by a few of the great photographers in the Ottawa area, here is a small sample of images I absolutely love simply because of the emotion you can't help but feel when you look at them.

Derrick Rice (wedding coordinated by Weddings Unveiled)

Mike Dickson - And to prove my point, here is a quote from the bride: "I love this photo because when I was thanking my Dad in my speech I was very emotional and didn't have the guts to look at him. However his reaction to what I was saying was important to me and I would have never seen it had this photo never captured it... thanks Mike."