Monday, October 31, 2011


Using Your Shopping Bags To Glam Up A Space

Looking for an easy way to glam up a special place in your home?  Your bedroom?  Your dressing room?  (P.S. If you have a dressing room instead of a closet I applaud you! Hehe)  Ms Moth from Moth Design had a brilliant idea to frame some of her shopping bags and create a gorgeous installation.  She used frames are from Ikea to frame some of her 'special' purchases.  I love it!

Source: Moth Design

Latest Review :: Jamie & Jon 9.10.11

Here's what Jamie & Jon had to say about our services: 

"Simply Perfect says it all! I could not have asked for a better team making sure my wedding day played out the way I wanted it to. Sumer, your help in the planning process was so great, and I was so impressed with your prompt responses to all of my questions and requests. On the wedding day when you showed me the radar on your phone with the rain moving away from us, I swear it was a miracle! I am truly, truly grateful for all of everyone's hard work helping me plan and execute the perfect day. I could not have asked for anything more!" 

Aren't these two adorable?! We certainly think so!! We've got more photos of their Conneaut Lake nuptials coming later this week! Stay tuned! 

Photo courtesy of MichaelWill Photography.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

One Long and Two Short Wedding Dresses

Good morning my lovelies.  How was the weekend?  I have such a thing for short wedding dresses - smart, modern and fresh these goodies from the Monique Lhullier Fall 2012 Collection are to die for.  But for good measure I just had to throw in a long dress as well!!!  So here we go: One long and two short wedding dresses. 

Source: Unveilled Weddings

Friday, October 28, 2011

Happy Weekend + Lovely Links

Happy Weekend my darlings. I have been waiting for this weekend ALL WEEK!!!  I'm off to a ladies lunch and catching up for beers with friends.  There may even be some pancake making for The Big A.  Why?  Well why not?!  Have a great weekend. x 

Some Lovely Links: 
I'm making this as we speak
Double denim never looked so hot
An amazing space by Sara Tuttle 
The most darling details from Design Darling
Inchmark's magical thinking 
Let's all swoon for J Crew wedding dresses
Before and After 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Affordable Art from Sugar Paper

Loving this affordable art from Sugar Paper.  The price?  40 smackaroons!!!!!
Source: Sugar Paper 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Your chance to win a Caitlin Wilson Textile Pillow!

My lovely readers - I'm curious.  I'm curious to know what you think of 7 Year Wedding.  Do you visit often? - What do you love? What could improve?  To fix my curiosity I'm launching the 7 Year Wedding reader survey (Sounds fancy huh?)  It's super easy - 9 quick questions that should take less than five minutes.  Better yet, if you complete the survey you will be in the draw to win a pillow up to the value of $70 from the newly launched Caitlin Wilson Textiles.  If you haven't visited her new collection you must, its full of chic goodness!  The survey is open until Friday November 11 so get involved right here.


Source: Caitlin Wilson Textiles

The Fine Print
The Competition is open to anyone who completes the survey and ensures they leave their email address (Otherwise I can't give you the prize!) The Competition is open from Wednesday October 26 until midnight Friday November 11 Australian E.S.T.  The winner will be randomly selected and will be notified via email.  The winner can choose a Caitlin Wilson Pillow up to the value of $70 usd.  The prize will also cover shipping to any location worldwide.  The prize is non transferrable. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

-Devan wood closure handbag
-Devan shoulder bag (with adjustable stap and zipper closure)

Amazingly Animal Art

One of my favourite Saturday rituals is to catch up with A Cup of Jo's Saturday links.  Jo had a beautiful link to The Animal Print Shop by the talent Sharon Montrose.   I had to do some more digging and after visiting her shop I love what I have seen.  Gloriously stark prints of animals ranging from the cute and cuddly all the way to the magestic and even scary.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Want to Avoid A Stuffy Wedding Ceremony?

Well then, say hello to a picnic wedding.  Think grassy knoll, picnic blankets in pastels and little baskets full of goodies to share.

Source: A Ribbon At A Time

What I Loved This Sunday...... Fresh Flowers, Cocktails and Gift Wrapping

This weekend has been so. very. good!  Here is a snippet of what I have loved.....

1. Fresh flowers from the markets in pink hues are always a treat.

2.  Cocktails always are better when they come from a cute liquor tray. Yes, things are looking up!

3. Jesus sandals are a must and for something special use fabric as gift wrapping.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Happy Weekend + Lovely Links

Ahhhhh, do you hear the sound of that? It's the weekend arriving! What are you up to? The Big A and I are off to a dumpling party and I'm going to be spending some quality time with all my girlfriends. Oh and did I mention night noodle markets? Yay! Have a great one my lovelies. xxx

Some Weekend Goodies: 

- Will you be sending Christmas Cards this year?
- Peach toned wedding goodness
- A glittering golden tablescape
- Sweaters and sequins, oh my!
- Blue hue living room

Source: Aaron Shintaku Photography via Partynovia

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Grace Kelly and THAT Dress - Part 2

Oh Yea.  It's Friday!  I can't wait for the weekend. But before that I think its time to get back to our Grace Kelly special.  Did you love part 1? It's time to check out some more photo's this time from wedding ceremony.  Don't you just love all that pomp and glamour?

Source: The Royal Wedding Blog

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Serving Idea for Your Next Party Thanks to Donna Hay

Oki Dokies my lovely readers.  The weekend is coming up and the weather in Sydney is looking fine.  Perhaps it's party time at your house?  Well I have a new idea for you to try.  After some serious oogling over the Donna Hay 10 Year Anniversary Magazine (she is a goddess if you don't know her already) what struck me in their dinner party feature was the clever use of glassware as serving ware.  Its unexpected but adds an oh-so-glam touch to your dinner party.  Let's explore.....

1. Glass Bowls as servers for a meringue dessert bar

2. White condiments are perfectly complimented by glass hues

3. Oversized glass bowls in clean lines make modern punch bowls

Sunday, October 16, 2011

several perfect megan fox tattoos design

If you are an avid fan of Megan Fox is well aware that she sports several tattoos on her perfect body. Megan says it has a total of nine tattoos on his body. Some of the tattoos include aa pink flamingo in his upper thigh, a pnem that Megan was written in his ribcage that says: "There once was a girl who never knew love until a boy broke her heart" and as a quotation from Shakespeare on the back, "They all laugh at gilded butterflies." just to name a few. But if you look at the cover of a magazine empire that Megan is on the cover of which you will find a new small tattoo on her shoulder.

If you look close enough you will see that this small new tattoo is actually an Autobot symbol, probably symbolizing his work on two films of the transformer. With Megan's personality around and savage ways just simply think she has this tattoo to give props to the film that made her a household name. However, if you're a true fan of Megan Fox should know that this photo of Megan was taken a few years ago and that a new tattoo on his shoulder, not really a tattoo at all. The Autobot symbol was altered on the shoulder of Megan by Empire magazine to help promote the new Transformers movie. So to make things clear, Megan is not a new tattoo Autobot symbol. As far as we know that Megan has not been a new tattoo at some point, unless it is somewhere that you can not see.

Tattoos Megan Fox has created a buzz on the internet, fashion and Hollywood's world. Some people love and others hate, and especially the tribal tattoo. Anger, jealousy and pride in them too strictly connected to a number of factors. We are creative because they warm to him a magnificent view not only believe that it is amazing. Word of eight or nine tattoos tribal tattoo tattoo of Marilyn Monroe, Pure. But if there is any indication of public comments, so I think a little more to wait. I'm sorry, but this is just for the fans when he revealed to the public seven, but hopefully, we will begin to see the next one or two in there.

Megan Fox so far seven have been observed very different style of tattoos. OFA with a mixture of German Gothic and Old English text fonts are designed by using two things. These two tattoos, a portrait of Marilyn Monroe together with the most pronounced shoulder. He grew up in the ankle, left arm and tattoos of stars and a tribal symbol. Brian is in the south of the strip cursive tattoo And how can I forget a little. Megan Fox Tattoo means a lot, so much that Hollywood has never lost a role because of them, if you promise to give up completely, he said. Become a part of your body, and art goes beyond vanity. So not only body art, it is for some reason, but his mentality and he now feels called.

The following tattoo says: .. "They all laugh at gilded butterflies matter, and in the back, right shoulder post design is used for forging, but Old English is an incredible list of resources, in fact, perhaps the medieval Gothic German He looks very good, but unfortunately a lot of people that no matter how different They are not aware of that. I want to know the rate is different from the rest of the text. I think the author and the participants are too busy looking at warez understand it. The difference between the slats and the reference to Shakespeare's King Lear adaptation tattoo what does it mean to question the so-called Megan, she replied. "People laugh at you because in the end was too caught up in Hollywood. "I think that Hollywood discovered!

Marilyn Monroe was a beautiful tattoo on the arm of his law. Monroe, best known for Maryilyn feelings, especially the 464 page long biography of Marilyn Monroe, after reading Barbara Learning, than anyone else can get more information about their idol. Megan Fox is pretty much like his idol feelings and emotions are always here. Megan Fox Marilyn Monroe on TV in a relationship as a child, and she remembers hearing the crying began.

Look closely and appreciate the work of this body art tattoos Megan Fox, all of them a favorite for many fans. This, really, and just, and he is sixty years, this is really a wonderful thing to be an outstanding game. I have a Marilyn Monroe-Marilyn Megan Fox is wearing a ski and tattoo flash, I mean, he just incredible beauty and fashion scene.

Crescent / Moon and Star Tattoos and their meaning, and different people are associated with. This is for Megan Fox, what does it mean? I really do not know, but I tell all the fans have a life. That night, the mystical beauty of light and love. What is romantic? Perhaps connected with the goddess Selene moon and thinking, so I would not that be a possible right-goddess self. Megan Fox is forging a strategic location, one thing I am sure 100%. and makes them very attractive crescent and star Megan Fox is not an exception in the left ankle joints, there is something about a tattoo around. This tattoo of stars and the moon radiates style and works very well, especially her Christian Louboutin pumps, heat on the red carpet when I do something.

Megan Fox loves the sea. Its weird coming, it gives you the room, and she also likes to surf. For this reason, two waves with a cool tribal tattoo show, decided to make the sea fans. Well this particular night was a bit of tribal tattoo tattooed man. It was like saying "not all there." Thus, tribal tattoo how I wanted it, and you're going to eliminate it if you were told, not exactly. I came to symbolize their nature imperfect and unruly, because many fans, I think I will miss Megan Fox tattoo. if you can not do the opposite and be kept hot forged, it would be nice.

In 2005, Megan Fox FHM magazine © boyfriend Brian Austin Green is your friend, and then show the world. He did what most people get the girl. That "cake" said the text entry through forging close friend's name changed. He asked Brian if you what to do and he never broke. He can say all the time because he will keep his son Brian replied.

This site is tattoos Megan Fox, in 2009, his hand completely off the hook for the whole arm thing would be to add that I hope Megan.

Transformers Autobots real tattoo on the cover of the magazine and its photoshopped fake tattoos for those who really need the addition of Megan Fox. Transformers Megan Fox is forging any nonsense you hear about so if you know that just a stupid joke.