Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Made In Asia

The idea of having one of the best online shopping experience combines with contributing a real support in bringing emerging Asian fashion talents to the global fashion industry, is highlighted in this one interactive portal, Asia Fashion Inc. Even better, it also provides the AFI magazine, which contents some Asian designers profile, latest fashion trends and variety style advices, all at your fingertips. For more latest updates, simply join their Facebook fan page and follow them on Twitter. Founded by two fashion forward childhood friends, Timothy Chen and Aidan Yeoh, Asia Fashion Inc has to be on your "must-visit" list.

images source: AFI Magazines

Guide To Milan

My favorites from Milan Fashion Week Fall 2012,

Alberta Ferretti
Emilio Pucci
Max Mara
No 21

images source: Vogue

Monday, April 2, 2012

Pnina Tornai Wedding Dress

The Fall 2011 bridal collections have been released, which is always exciting. Each season there ar certain details which take center stage. A classic bridal adornment which will be very democratic for 2011 is the bow. Big bows, small bows, single bows, and multitudes of bows were seen decorating the bridal gowns from many of the top designers. Learn more about this fun and flirty trend right here.
Oscar de la Renta always creates spectacular bridal gowns, and his Fall 2011 collection was no exception! Mr. de la Renta was definitely bow crazy this year. He intentional a fabulous trumpet gown decorated with not one, but five, bows march down the center of the gown in a column. The true standout in the new Oscar de la Renta collection was a soft pink strapless gown, with a dotted Swiss overlayer. The symmetrical gown features a strapless neckline and fabric which is neatly shirred and gathered all the way down the center of the dress. A white satin ribbon runs the length of the center front of the gown, and is accented by two big bows: one at the top, and another at the bottom of the center front, which is picked up in the middle by the bow. Absolutely gorgeous! Custom pink bridal jewellery would be amazing with this womanly style.

Mormon Wedding Dresses

Mormon Wedding Dresses a famous name in bridal gown and dresses . To chose  form a selection of Modest Wedding Dresses or a LDS Wedding Gowns the perfect dress is a difficult thing . Here we give you some beautiful designs of Mormon Wedding Dresses for brides .

Panina Wedding Dresses

Panina wedding dresses New for spring. "Everyone need to really feel delighted and comfortable," she said. "It's a delighted event and no just one ought getting arranged upon or miserable. choose types that the good friends will shine in and they'll be Empire Bridal Dresses happy."But what if your bridesmaid falls in adore with her gown and can't bear to element with itSorry, she needs to provide it back.

Allure Wedding Dresses

 Allure Wedding Dresses are very simple and attractive and beautiful . Allure Wedding Dresses are available on affordable price and easily .Allure Wedding Dresses are not very heavy to much decoration . you can see below Allure Wedding Dresses for brides.

Mariposa (saddle and black)

Mariposa (saddle and black)

Sasha (wood top) and Jenny (black with amber highlights)

Jenny (Pearl and rustic brown)

Heather (Bently burgundy and florenza)



Mica (cranberry and saddle)

Nikola (chocolate, floral embossing)


"Border" wallets

Jasmine clutch





(Available at "Artisans on Taylor" in Port Townsend, WA)

wallpaper sadness

Bring Me the Horizon later released a two disc special edition of Suicide Season which features various musicians and producers a remixing tracks off the album, entitled Suicide Season: Cut Up! It features remixes of all the songs featured on their second album Suicide Season and was released on the 2 November 2009 in the United Kingdom through Visible Noise and on 12 April 2010 in the United States through Epitaph Records.

The album was recorded in Arboga, an isolated Swedish village. Sykes described Arboga as "Nowheresville". Sykes considered the isolation Arboga provided as ideal in comparison to the constant activity in Birmingham, the recording location of their first album: "We recorded Count Your Blessings in the middle of Birmingham and it was very easy to get distracted. Arboga is a village with nothing in it apart from a tiny shop and that was it. We actually lived at the studio so it meant we could all just focus on the music. Fredrik was a cool guy, and he taught us how to do stuff, so at night after he'd gone home we'd still be recording the albtm."

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