Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Weekend = Event Styling Fun

Happy Weekend everyone! What are you up to? Today I am meeting a Client to share some ideas for her engagement party. Tonight I am attending a black tie birthday dinner at the private dining room of here.  Tomorrow is dedicated to making the Big A feel special, he can choose wherever he'd like to go and the zoom, we are off.  Perhaps he'll choose here?  Have a fun one my lovelies!

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new book from Good Bones Great Pieces
Gywneth's Easter Table Setting

Image Source: Learning Beyond The Book

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gwyneth Paltrow's Easter Lunch Table Setting

Easter is nearly here and this weekend is the perfect time to start planning your Easter lunch.  I'm going to be taking my inspiration from Gwyneth Paltrow and her table scape she created for Remodelista (PS - I have such a big crush on Gwyneth, please can we be BFFs?)  She choose a fresh take on traditional and the colour palate of robin's egg blue, lilac, pale pink and white.  There are SO MANY details I love  - the egg name tags, the potted pansies in the bowl and the long tapered candles.  I mean seriously, it is so beautiful!!! What inspiration are you picking up on for your Easter table?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The New Book From Good Bones Great Pieces

Do your read Good Bones Great Pieces?  They are one of my favourite blogs for a brilliant take on traditional pieces done in modern ways.  I've just pre ordered their book and I'm so excited to receive it in May.  A labour of love for over a year, Suzanne and Lauren take a look at the 7 pieces every home needs to stay stylish and functional.  The Ladies Home Journal did a sneak peak and I loved checking it out.  I'm dying to have a love seat just like the one below - so lovely!



 Source: Good Bones Great Pieces

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The most amazing wedding dress

All I have to say is..... THIS DRESS!  Layers and layers of beautiful silk from Amsale makes for a dramatically beautiful gown don't you think?

Source: Once Wed

Monday, March 26, 2012

New Film: Footnote (2011)

Joseph Cedar's distinctively writerly Footnote (Hearat Shulayim, 2011), recipient of the 'best screenplay' prize at last year's Cannes film festival, falls, for this writer at least, in that easily ignorable, unevenly pleasurable space between modernist art cinema and commercial product that in this country goes by the name 'independent.' A cinema of ideas before personal expression and individuation, of character typologies and an aggressive musical score that would not have been out-of-place in an Italian Miramax import from twenty years ago, Footnote would scream out for the same fate as yesteryear's long forgotten Oscar 'best foreign language' nominees were it not for Cedar's legitimate skill as a Lincoln Plaza hack. By creating brisk narrative art that is as involving and entertaining as it is well-made, Cedar transforms the potentially cloying markers of his idiom into concrete storytelling assets, positive embellishments rather than critical disqualifiers.

Cedar establishes the narrative system that so successfully guides Footnote in the picture's opening set-piece: off-camera, apparent voice-over narration, coupled with on-screen titles, introduces the spectator to a professor Shkolnik in a form that immediately recalls (to cite Tativille co-proprietor Lisa K.Broad) the "information-aesthetic" strategies of American indie maestro Wes Anderson and festival French correlate Arnaud Desplechin. With Shlomo Bar-Aba appearing first and most frequently over these opening shots, the spectator imagines the late middle-aged academic to be the subject of the voice-off, which a subsequent cut reveals to be diegetic rather than voiced over. However, when finally this introduction concludes, Eliezer's son Uriel (Lior Ashkenazi) rises, vacating the two-shot to give his acceptance speech, even as the very sullen Eliezer remains alone in the now unbalanced shot. This sequence provides not only a model for the film's systematic series of reversals showcasing Cedar's special aptitude for regulating and then undermining spectatorial expectation; it also foreshadows the film's principle dramatic development with an honor presumed to belong to the older more rigorous Talmudic scholar intended instead for his more fashionable, though less intellectually serious son. In this first example, Cedar's content admirably finds a formal analogue.

For this writer, who happens by profession to be an academic, though regretfully gifted with neither Eliezer's fortitude nor Uriel's fashion, Footnote likewise deserves credit for getting it right, for often comedically emphasizing the role of politics, particularly of the personal variety, and for insisting that success and meaningful work often have little to do with one another. Though apropos of the film's systematic reversals the viewer will come to see both Eliezer and Uriel differently over the course of the picture's duration, ultimately Cedar does seem to side more with the overlooked elder and again with his pursuit of knowledge as opposed to his son's impressionist approach and commensurate cult of personality. That Footnote once again is a film of ideas rather than conspicuous auteurist self-expression, of an essentially pre-modernist (even as it verges toward the post-modern) artfully manipulated narrative instead of outright formal reinvention, makes this allegiance all the more appropriate. In content as much as in form Footnote admirably belongs to the neglected middle. 

Serena & Lily - A Kindred Spirit

My darlings, it's not often that you find a kindred spirit but I feel that's exactly what Serena & Lily is to my home decoration style.  Bright and fun in colour palates I can only dream of, the look is a modern take on traditional. Their catalogue is a visual feast and well worth a check out.  

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Best of Martha Stewart Weddings

Welcome back to the week my lovelies. Did you have a good one?  This weekend I spent a fun time perusing the bible that is Martha Stewart Weddings.  I've pulled some of my favourite weddings together for you to create a little something special... I like to call this montage: garden glamour.

 Source: Martha Stewart Weddings

Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy Weekend = Tinkering Around The Home

Woot Woot, it's the weekend!  I'm planning some tinkering around the home, I have some place mats to make and some curtains to zuzsh. The big A and i are planning a trip to here and of course there will be some time spent with Bo Bo the wonder dog. Have a great one!!!!
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The latest from 7 Year Wedding:
Score of the decade! Once worn Jimmy Choo shoes for $60!
Loving Lady Chatterleys Affair Pinterest Addiction
Would you try the upside down picture?
 Amirra "Wing tips"
Messenger style bags with flap made from
deconstructed, recycled, vintage, men's
wing tip shoes
(available at ShuzyQ in Anchorage AK)

Sasha "Sport"
Sasha bag with addition of color on pockets
and flattened hand formed copper rings
11" x 7" x 4.5"

Thursday, March 22, 2012


We know, we know. Blog posts have been few and far between lately but with good reason. Spring is here and the season is full of fabulous weddings so Viva has been in full planning mode. We are however so very humbled by the outpouring of "please give us more posts" emails we've received and will do our best to give you what you want.

With that, here we go!

It's not a secret that Viva loves outdoor weddings and what Viva really loves are ways to make each outdoor wedding unique. Here's what we think is a simply fabulous idea for the bride's great reveal at an ourdoor ceremony.

This bride found matching doors at a secondhand furniture shop and restored them with cream-colored paint. The ushers held them upright and together at the start of the ceremony aisle. Just before she walked down the aisle with her father the doors were pulled apart.

Viva loves!!

Photo Credits: Sean Walker Photography


We don't usually do two Book Club posts so close together but this just couldn't wait!

Amy Atlas, also known as “The Sweets Stylist,” is internationally recognized for creating the stylized dessert bar trend that so many MOHs are setting up at their best friend's bridal shower and so many brides are including in their wedding.

We've all dropped our jaws in utter amazement of the images on Amy's website and stalked Amy's blog anxiously awaiting her next post.

Now, after two long years working on this labor of love, Amy is about to release her first book and while it won't be in stores for another month (April 24th 2012) we just couldn't wait to tell you about it!

Sweet Designs has 15 chapters filled with recipes for irresistible treats, affordable DIY craft projects and features never seen before dessert tables, each inspired by themes her clients most often request: a favorite color, design, flavor, destination, passion, or holiday.

Mark your calendar folks. It's only a month away!!


Photo Credits: Brent Foster Photography

Something to Try This Weekend: Looking Down Pics

Looking for something fun and creative to do this weekend?  I've been taking alot of inspiration from Taylor Sterling the most awesome founder of The Glitter Guide.  She loves to chronicle her outfits over Instagram with an officially termed 'looking down picture'  Boy does she make some cute pictures!  I've been inspired to take some pics of my own when I'm liking my outfit so why don't you try getting creative this weekend and instagramming your own 'looking down picture'


Source: Glitter Guide Instagram, 7 Year Wedding Instagram

What a #SweetTweet!

Wedding cake twitter galore located here! +1 your favorite wedding cake twitter.

@kwidineHow gorgeous are the flowers for tonight's wedding?

 Thanks @kwidine for tweeting! 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Lady Chatterleys Affair Pinterest Addiction

After doing a bit of blog cruising I came across the very cool Lady Chatterleys Affair.  She's a super talented wedding and event stylist and like me, she has a pinterest addiction.  She's shared some of her favourite bedroom finds and I have to say I am loving her picks - fun and bright with pops of pattern or colour are giving these bedrooms a great sense of style. 

PS. You can follow me on Pinterest here!

Source: Lady Chatterley's Affair

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Second Hand Sunday Score! Once Worn Jimmy Choo's for $60!

Welcome back to the week my darlings, did you have a nice break?  Yesterday was my very favourite Second Hand Sunday.  Our local council opens up the neighbourhood for a morning of garage sales.  We had a super fun group of family and friends ready to pound the pavement and the sales didn't disappoint!  From once worn Jimmy Choo's for $60 (spotted and bought for a lovely girl friend), a cute tribal skirt all the way to a half dozen of mini milk bottles for a buck there were bargains galore!!  Check out my scores below.....

Friday, March 16, 2012

Rehearsal Twitter via @SassAndBoots

Love the overheard wedding rehearsal twitter? 
Visit the gallery of our favorites and +1 your favorites.

Thanks @SassAndBoots for tweeting, and thanks for being a good girl in church!

Happy Weekend = Pink Pants

Happy weekend my pretties.  This weekend we are off for a ladies afternoon with a stop here.  I may just wear my pink pants and a chambray shirt to this.  On Sunday our neighbourhood is opening up for second hand sunday - with over 50 garage sales it's amazing fun and hopefully I'll find some great buys.  Cross your fingers for me!  

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On 7 Year Wedding this week: 
I loved loved loved the new Ivy & Piper
We totally got into wedding braids
I oohed and aahed at this whimsical baby shower
We checked out a super easy lantern DIY

Source: Decorology

Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Amirra Sandals"
The flap on this bag is made
from a pair of deconstructed
vintage sandals

13.5" x 13.5" x 4"

A Super Easy Lantern DIY For The Home

Hurrah!  The weekend is nearly upon us and that means I have some time to do some easy tricks to beautify the home.  On my radar is this beautiful lantern installation, straight from fashion designer Vannessa Bruno's Paris apartment.  I love how she's taken a $7 Ikea lantern and by using them en masse she's created a structural display.  I could see this taking up a unadorned corner of my house!!

Source: Remodelista