Wednesday, June 9, 2010


More and more couples are now marrying later in life which means many of them live together and may have even started their own family by the time their wedding day arrives. With all the staples needed to set up a new home already bought and paid for, a traditional wedding registry just won’t do.

Still wanting to give their guests options when it comes to a wedding gift, couples in this situation used to find themselves scratching their head not knowing where to turn. For all you couples out there that find yourselves in this predicament, please don’t fret, we have a solution for you!

Wedding Republic to the rescue! Wedding Republic allows you to create a gift registry that is uniquely yours. Here's how it works:

WR is essentially a cash registry however, by selecting and creating a list of gifts your guests get to see what their money is going towards unlike the traditional cash in the envelope approach. Not only is it easy and convenient for both you and your guests, nothing is off limits. By using a cash registry you can ask for anything... camping gear, money towards your honeymoon, donations to a charity close to your heart, or dinner out at your favourite local restaurant. And it gets better.

WR's Puzzle Piece feature allows you to register for more expensive gifts and break them apart into a puzzle. Guests can then buy a piece of the puzzle making big ticket items more accessible and allowing them to chip in on the same gift without knowing or even having to coordinate with each other. Check out this sample registry to see what we're talking about.

Sound like this might be just the thing you were looking for to solve your registry woes? Head on over to Wedding Republic and start creating your registry today. We told you we had a solution!