Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First Post...

First posts always need an introduction so here we go!

I'm Paige (aka Mio), 19 years old and the proud owner of 19 piercings and 10 tattoos.
Over time I've had over 50 piercings and have toned down over time due to personal tastes changing, getting older and just wanting more room for different mods!

I've been enthusiastic and a huge supporter of the Body Modification community since I was 14. I actively post and submit to BMEzine.com, the Vampirefreaks bodymod forum and pierce as a hobby. I was also a piercing apprentice for a while (hard but fun work!)

I also attend local Tattoo Conventions and sport a gorgeous half sleeve from a 12 hour sitting at London Tattoo Convention in 2009 (credit to Elson Yeo for the fantastic tattoo :3)

Through this blog, I want to advise people on piercings and tattoos with aftercare and knowledge of places, promote piercings and tattoos and help shed them in the better light that they deserve!

In the words of Adam Ant
'ridicule is nothing to be scared of, don't you ever stop being dandy, showing me you're handsome'
Always remember to be yourself as that is the best you can get ^-^

Mio :3