Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Birthday Mods!

Well, long time no posting!
I have been one busy busy bee as of recent and as this is my mod blog, lets post some mods :D

It was my birthday last monday (27th June) and for my birthday present from Josh and my Muma, I decided to finally get my feet tattooed!

Done by Pinky at Cosmic Tattoo, Colchester on June 26th 2011

Painwise, I'd give it a 8/10. Feets are quite painful m'dears! It took just under 3 hours and cost £180 squiddles. Swelling was quite painful and I was wearing flippyflops as much as possible! But eeee I loves them a lot <3

Then, I decided it'd be quite a while since I'd last gotten a piercing so I decided to treat myself a few hours before my tattoo to something new :3

Hand Microdermal!

Done by Liana, Liana's Piercing + Tattoo Studio, Colchester.

Painwise I'd give it 6/10 as it did nip quite a bit on the old paw! Healing wise not too bad and its still a bit tender but I love it <3

So yeah, thats my update for the meantime ^___^