Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Viva loves candid shots. The images your photographer takes you’re not aware of that truly capture the emotion of your day are priceless. I know, I know. You’re probably sick of hearing us talk about how much we love candid shots but it’s true. When the many talented photographers we are so fortunate to work with send us images of our wonderful couples on their wedding day, it’s as though we’re experiencing the anticipation and excitement all over again.

Viva also loves the details. Details are a big deal for most brides and having them captured on film is a must. The pictures of her stunning dress, designer shoes and beautiful bouquet are all favourites. And we can’t remember a time when a bride didn’t request that her photographer sneak into the reception venue prior to their guests being seated to snap shots of the exceptional details she put so much thought into to ensure that their wedding truly did represent them.

While we understand why most brides live for these images, there’s one detail shot Viva can absolutely live without - The dreaded “stunning bridal gown on a plastic retail hanger”. It just kills us to see this. So much so that Viva now carries a hanger in our emergency kit to use whenever this detail is overlooked. I mean the bride certainly doesn't need to worry about a hanger on her wedding day, does she? Whether she got a great deal on it off the rack, bought it on consignment, found it at a stylish boutique, or had a custom couture gown handmade, so much consideration goes into choosing the perfect dress. Why not hang it with style?

The images below from Melissa & Steve’s backyard wedding were captured by Garrett Elliott Photography and boy does the shot of her dress make us happy. Not only is the hanger not plastic, it’s personalized with Melissa’s soon to be married name. What a great keepsake! To get your own personalized hanger check out
Suspended Moments (on Etsy of course!). Not only are they great for the bride, how fun would it be to give these to your bridesmaids too!!