Tuesday, May 17, 2011

£1 Million Pound Question - Granny?

Okay so recently I got asked a very common question and it actually got me thinking...

What are you going to look like when you're a granny? Are you gonna have all those holes in your face and tattoos? Are you still gonna be wacky?


You're gonna look really out of place when you're old.

Now, people need to understand this as I've had a good think about it and it does make sense.
Your ideals of 'Granny' are these -
Blue Rinses, Neat, Prim, Proper, may smell of urine..... Either way people always sterotype this to be the Granny image which EVERYONE (apparently..) will become magically when they hit 70.

Now, what people seem to forget (and this is why the Granny question niggles me slightly) is that these 'Grannys' come from a TOTALLY different generation to us.

A generation where piercings and tattoos were taboo, unless you were in the army (even then they weren't that socially acceptable). A generation where Gay/Bi/Lesbian couples were frowned apon and suicides due to that were high. A generation where a woman belonged at home in the kitchen and a man worked. A generation totally alien to the generation in which we currently live in. They grew up in that generation, hence why they are the grannys they are.

My generation? Its a generation of teenage sex, pregnancy, drugs, drink, people happily gay and being accepted and violence. My generation? Piercings and Tattoos are common and becoming even more so. We see them all the time in the Music Industry, Piercing + Tattoo parlours everywhere! Everybody is getting them, some more than others, but it is common place.

So, the answer to your question.
What am I going to look like when I'm a granny?

Hopefully the same way I do now, just with added wrinkles, grey hair and that musky smell you just can't explain.

The set ideals of 'Grannys' will change with time. They change with generations evolving and becoming different. The Grannys of the future, there will be ones who still have tattoos, holes from piercings and possibly still have crazy hair because of what they got in their youth. There will also be normal looking ones. And our childrens children? Their ideals of Granny will change as well to a more open-minded view (Hopefully!)

However the ideal that all Grannys will look sweet and natural is unrealistic as times changes and society itself changes as well. 

I just hope I can be like this granny (personality wise!)

Mio :3