Sunday, May 22, 2011

22nd May - Rapture Rapture Rapture!

Okay so the world didn't really end!

I got told the news yesterday as soon as I started making dinner, no offence God but you will wait until I finish making and eating my pasta bake before you cause havoc and mass destruction!

Now, I thought I'd combine posts from my everyday life along with modblog ones so people know whats going on in my modded life ^-^

This weekend has been rather lovely ♥

Its because I got to spend it with this wonderful man who makes my life complete <3
There is nothing more lovely and comforting than waking up next to him, feeling his beard scratch my face and his warm paws wrapped around my waist holding me tight and safe.

We had a lovely relaxing weekend mainly consisting of this!

And some of this...

It was lovely :3 I also managed to get my feet tattoo booked for my birthday! 24th June and I'm getting more inkyink thanks to my amazing bubala ^___^

Now this week I have a lovely training course then after that a 2 week job placement in a hospital yay! Should be funfun :3

Mio x