Sunday, September 4, 2011

Time's tide will smother you

Its been a while since I've posted! And for that I apologise, so I'm gonna have a talk here about recent happenings and thoughts and just give an insight into my world in the meantime ^-^

Recently I've been a man on a mission, a mission of weightloss.
Long story short, I had to go for a pill check at the doctors. The past year I've been in severe denial about my weight and blood pressure and have pulled every trick in the book not to see a doctor and just get my prescription on repeat without a check. My fear was they wouldn't give me my medication!

So I gave myself that kick up the arse I finally needed and went on a detox diet. Aim? Loose a stone in weight and reduce my blood pressure. I went on the 'detox' for 10 days (The Lemon Detox) and managed about 4 days before getting bored shitless and exisiting entirely on Weightwatchers Soups!

Results :
Original Weight - 15st 0lbs
End Weight - 13st 12lbs

Orginal BP - 177/78
End BP - 140/77

So after 10 days, I'd dropped over a stone and my BP went back to a normal healty pressure, no longer on heart attack territory hurrah! So I've been super happy with that :)

I've been looking for work recently and have been pretty disheartned having been rejected for jobs. However finally I recieved a job offer from a fantastic Care Home in Braintree which I'm super excited to be starting! Also I had an interview at Morrissons, buuuuut that care home seems more fun :D

Thursday marked an incredibly sad day for me :( 

Sadly my microdermal had to be taken out because it never settled ;3; Managed to pull the bloody thing out about 3 times and finally came to the conclusion that it would never settle gah!

On a positive note though, I will be attending London Tattoo Convention on Friday 23rd September :D
Managed to acquire to fundings to get my arm finished by Elson hurrah! Pictures and blog entry to follow shortly ^-^

My life as well has been good recently and things are finally looking up future wise :)

I recently enquired with my doctor about possible scar treatment and we're looking at the path of cosmetic surgery which is quite scary, however I'm hoping something comes from it! I also dyed my fringe purple, fancied a change hehe :3

Josh and I are good as well :) It'll be a year and a half together this month ^-^  We've been spending a lot of time recently with his family, especially his brother Chris and his wife Karina. Last weekend was spent getting high (Haven't smoked weed in over a year so it was pretty weird!) watching tv, drinking and just generally having a laugh. However the best fun is spent with Josh playing games, watching movies and cooking yummy food :3 I really am the luckiest girl on the planet, I love and adore him to bits and I can't wait to go to Berlin with him next year :3

The pets are good as well ^_^ Momo is in season and she's spraying and shedding her fur everywhere, stinky thing! And my Gerbils are good too and being very cheeky like usual ^-^

All in all, things are good in the life of Paige! I'll be posting more eventually on my Youtube and on here :3

P.s Heres an updated picture of me :3