Sunday, September 18, 2011


So i'm sitting here at 1.40 am, currently on my nightshift at the carehome.
I can here shuffling of feet upstairs, gentle snores and the sound of planes outside.
To care fills me with such a warmth that cannot be explained. Speaking to people asking how they got used to working in care, i can now understand why they do it. I can also understand why I want to do it. It may take me time to learn and get better, but I have never felt such a strong connection working in an industry like this.

Its 1.43am and sitting here thinking about why I love my job. I love it for the smiles and conversation you get from the people you care for. I love it because it gives me a purpose as a human being. I love it because it makes me appreciate people a whole lot more, and what a little bit of compassion can do.

I feel warmth inside of me, for helping others. I just wish more people on this earth cared and helped one another. It makes me realise how cruel some people can be and yet it also fills me with this fear of what if I get old and no-one cares?

I can't change the world, but I can do my best as a person, and as a Carer.

Mio x