Thursday, November 3, 2011

Easy Tricks To Getting A Collage Wall Right

My darlings, the weekend is nearly upon us.  Will you be doing any home decorating projects? How about a collage art wall.  Yes, I know.  It can seem scary - how do you get the right mix?  how do you make it look good?  Well it can be easier than you think - take a look at these simple tricks.

See how each image is a portrait in black and white?  This equals consistency and unity!

Who say's your collage wall needs to all be artwork?  How about beautifully detailed mirrors to add a dramatic difference

There is no need to worry about framing and arranging your art, simply use a pinboard and pop up whatever is inspiring you.  

This one is a fail safe option.  Use a similar hue across all your artwork to create a colour story which feels clean and united

Source: Amber InteriorsThe DecoristaDecor is like Butter, Uknown