Sunday, November 27, 2011

Random Mio Facts

1. I'm 5'6" tall
2. I have Hazel eyes which tend to switch between vivid green to squirrel shit brown
3. I have a brother who is a Radio 1 DJ and a sister who has 2 beautiful kids (Isobel + Adam)
4. I'm a qualified First Aider and in Food Hygiene 8D
5. My favourite colours are : Black, White, Pink, Red and Turquoise
6. My obsession with Hello Kitty borders unhealthy
7. I have a scar on my tonsil where I ripped it open as a kid
8. My natural hair colour is dark brown
9. I haven't been my natural colour in over 8 years
10. My childhood toy is called Dolly and she still sleeps with me in bed :3 i loves her!
11. I used to play drums in a band
12. I listen to more 80's music than modern music
13. The first gig I went to was Cradle of Filth, bare goff man!
14. I'd give anything to see Suede and Adam Ant live!
15. I've had over 50 piercings
16. My lucky number is 7
17. I love having my feet rubbed and my back scratched, only by Josh of course!
18. I only eat Chicken and Fish, I've always hated the taste of beef, pork and lamb. The only exception is bacon, but it has to be super crispy!
19. I lovelovelove pizza, spaghetti and pasta nomnom
20. Bellybuttons make me feel sick, i cant touch my own!
21. The dip in my back makes me feel ill as well ;3;
22. I miss Josh a lot right now :(