Monday, February 13, 2012

3 Last Minute Valentine Gifts You Could Do Right Now

Oh jeepers, its Valentines Day today and so far.... nothing is planned for The Big A!  It's a bit different to my girl scout preparedness of the past few years but luckily I've got a few instant ideas on how to share the Valentines love.  First up, make a mix tape.  In the past I've done love song dedications daggy I know!) but you could just as easily do a mix of his favourite songs.  Next up, make the night special by bathing the house in candle light.  The Big A did this a few years ago when we had just moved to London and had no money.  It didn't matter, a simple gesture of candle light turned the Valentine vibe on!  Last up, how about making a heart shaped collage of the two of you?  Print and cut some photos (I'd be going straight to Facebook and Instagram) and then arrange in a heart.  Do you have any last minute Valentine suggestions?