Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy Weekend = Love Wrapped Up In A Bow

Woop Woop!  It's the weekend.  What are you doing?  The Big A and I are off to a BBQ and there may be a viewing of The Descendants.  I'm going to indulge in some baking and of course... some eating!  Hope you have a great one. x

Lovely Links: 
Love this easy way to frost a cake!
This artwork combines a Fav of my husband (Johnny Cash) and my nana (You Are My Sunshine) 
I have lusted after this designer every time I pass her shop at my local shopping centre.  
A great idea for cute baked valentines present
Ooooo! This bracelet makes me think of Blair from Atlantic Pacific 
I really want to buy these West Elm curtains for my living room - and they are on sale!!!

On 7 Year Wedding This Week: 
Yay!  I'm off to Alt's new classes!
This home is granny chic cool
J Crew bridesmaid dresses in beautiful shades

Source: A Subtle Revelry