Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2 Ways To Decorate Your Lawn At A Garden Wedding

Wedding's always get me when there are unexpected details that just take everything up to the next level.    So how about some ideas to get some decoration amazement at the lawn of your garden wedding?  There are some really simple ways to make it fun and make it impactful......

 When you have an expansive lawn its a great idea to create some detail and fun with a decorative item.  How about some oversized lanterns dotted around the lawn?  And for extra points, put some lighting inside so as the sun goes down your lanterns are going to put some glow into the lawn.

If you want a simple DIY that will have maximum impact how about an oversized pair of your initials? You could make these from cardboard, foam or wood - paint them to fit with your colour scheme or for some razzle dazzle cover them with glitter.  

Source: Green Wedding ShoesSitting In A Tree Events