Thursday, December 15, 2011

7 Year Wedding - A Year in Review Part 1!

My darling readers, it is nearly the end of the year (can you believe that?!?) So I thought I'd do a wrap up of what's been happening this year at 7 Year Wedding.  Lets get started with the first half of the year.....

In January we took a look at Handmade Weddings, A Fab little book by the clever girls of Sabrina & Eunice of Hello!Lucky and stylist Shauna Faust. 50 projects for DIY goodness for a handmade wedding.

In February I showed you a little Valentines gift to The Big A - a cute little 'fill it out yourself' book from Etsy goodness seller Cori Kindred

In March I got married!!!!  It was so much fun to be able to share all the joy with you. 

In April we took a look at Maiden Braids which I'd been wanting to do for aaaaaages.

In May we took a look at this seaside chic shack in upstate new york is rented every year by the same couple.It had the most perfect mix of eclectic beachy goodness.

In June we took a look at Ashely's backyward birthday bash.  It was right up my alley - laid back, easy and a cool community vibe going on.