Monday, December 19, 2011

7 Year Wedding - A Year in Review Part 2!

We're back for the next installment into what's been happening at 7 Year Wedding this year.  Did you enjoy part 1?  I definetly enjoyed digging through all the articles!  Let's get right into part 2....

In July we looked at turning your sofa into a piece of retro goodness. Our Mid Centurytook their Karlstad Sofa and hacked it into a gorgeous mid century number complete with tufting and retro wooden legs. It was totes awesome. 

In August we looked at how to turn your rental property into a home.  A topic close to my heart (after many painstaking hours trying things out on my own home - haha!)From using drapery to treat your windows to using area rugs to define a space, we covered lots of tips and tricks!
Source: Flickr,Look Linger Love

In September we took a squizz at veils that are done to perfection from Twigs and Honey. I want to get married again just to use one of these numbers.

Source: I Am Greedy Girl

In October we deliberated over what makes the J Crew look so ah-mazing.  After much official scientific observation we thought it was all about layer upon layer with bright pops of colour or pattern. And of course the more mis matched you go the better the outcome.

Source: J Crew

In November we were captivated by Emma and Andy's perfect summer english wedding.  With bright and cherry decor and a couple that has some 60's style going on, this happy wedding from Retrosight is full of goodness.

And that my dear friends, takes us to December.  This month,