Tuesday, January 17, 2012

DIY Striped Curtains! Cheap and Easy!

Boldly striped curtains command attention in a room.  They are strong, impactful and I love them, but finding striped curtains at a reasonable price is a whole other story.  Until now.  Lovely Indeed has this ace tutorial on how to create your own striped curtains at next to nothin.  Check it out.

"I sewed curtain panels from simple muslin material, and decided how wide I wanted my stripes according to how tall the panels were (this will take a little math on your part).  Then, I taped off the areas that I wanted striped.  Keep in mind that when the tape is down, some stripes will look wider because you’ll have to allow for the width of the actual tape. I laid the taped panels on a dropcloth (which was actually a dollar store plastic tablecloth) and started painting.  The paint I used was a color that we had previously used on our walls, so it was straight-up Benjamin Moore.  I mixed in a bit of fabric medium (found at Michael’s Crafts) so that the paint wouldn’t stiffen or crack when it dried.  Lots of online tutorials say to use a roller for this part, but I found a paintbrush to be much more effective and just plain faster. Okay, dudes.  Now paint.  Paint like your life depends on it.  I had six panels, and I ended up having to split the painting over a couple of days because the project started taking (waaaay) longer than expected.  Let the paint dry a bit and pull off your tape"