Monday, January 30, 2012

Glam French Wedding Interiors Inspired By Chanel

As soon as I saw these shots of Chanel's latest runway show I immediately thought there are some brilliant learnings to take away for a glam french style wedding.  So what's making it tres special?  Number One - the use of height creates a sense of grandeur. Ceiling chandeliers, high floral arrangements, mid height candelabra's - they all combine to create scale. Number Two - the colour palate. Creams, whites, golds and glass tones mix perfectly to create a luxurious palate.  Number Three - Opulent displays - Would you just look at that amazing food piled high?  Interspersed with flowers the display gives a sense of opulence.  So while you may not be able to do the Chanel version you sure can take a few learnings to apply!  

Source: White and Wander