Tuesday, November 9, 2010


A winter bride's wedding attire wouldn't be complete without a luxurious white faux fur cape draped over her shoulders. But what’s a November bride to do who’s not looking for the winter wedding look, yet still needs to stay warm (and stylish) on those cool November days? Wear a cardigan of course! Not only will a cardigan help keep you warm, it adds that punch of colour so many brides are looking to add to their wedding day wardrobe.

Adding colour to a bride’s traditional white wedding attire is not a new trend but something that we’ve seen, in different forms, for years. It began with the dyed crinoline. Next, we tossed aside the typical white wedding shoe and brighly coloured chic & sassy designer footwear took their place - often symbolizing the bride’s “something blue”. Now... Behold, the cardigan! Viva loves this fun look!!